Pain on the Plains XIII

Whether you were here for Pain on the Plains I, or if this will be your very first event ever, welcome! Midwest Alternatives is pleased you’ve chosen to join us for our annual day long event.

Pain on the Plains was started thirteen years ago with the goal of bringing national level presenters to the local community in a more intimate setting. We have grown quite a bit over the years, but still have that same goal. We are very open, both to newer members who would like to come and see what BDSM is about, as well as more experienced members who have been involved with the BDSM community for years.

Over the last twelve years, we have been fortunate to host some amazing presenters who have shared their knowledge and skills with our community members. There have been countless hilarious moments as well as some very intense ones. This year will be no different.

Midwest Alternatives will host two amazing presenters for Pain On The Plains XIII:

  • Kink Medic comes to us from Chicago. He will be covering Pressure Points and Putting Rough in Rough Body Play.
  • Master Malik comes to us from Oklahoma. He will be covering Blade Magic and Music and Should of the Canes.

We look forward to seeing you there and hope you will remember this for the next thirteen years!


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