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Want to get in contact with a Trustee, email [email protected].

You have found Midwest Alternatives, a Nebraska based group for consenting adults over 19 years old, interested in the BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism), and D/s (Dominance/Submission) lifestyles.

We are not a dating site or service, while many in our community are looking for a partner, we encourage people do to so through attending socials, demos, parties, and talking to people.

Our Goals are simple:

  1. We (MWA Trustees) strive to help our members grow and to promote co-operation between all groups. Interaction with the other groups in the area promotes tolerance, friendship and strength among the community.
  2. We present quality demonstrations and play parties to teach safe ways to enjoy our lifestyle.
  3. We work hard throughout the year to enable us to bring in talented national presenters for our yearly event “Pain On The Plains”, at an affordable cost.
  4. We believe our members should have a voice in the direction of their group. Our members should not just be heard, but listened to.

We have been active since 2001. We proudly present a special annual event called “Pain On The Plains”. Pain on the Plains (POTP) was started in July of 2006 to give the local community a chance to get to experience a larger event in a smaller setting without fear of getting lost in the crowd of a larger event. We continue to try to make it a friendly atmosphere for newcomers as well as encouraging experienced player to come and teach.

We are glad that you have found us… Welcome

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