Dungeon Rules

Our dungeon monitors are here to ensure safe scening, to assist or to advise in technical aspects of scene set-up, to react to any emergencies, and to assist people who feel uncomfortable with the attentions of others.

The Dungeon Monitors will be wearing identifying sashes with large lettering: “DM”. A Trustee will be a DM along with either another Trustee or a community member. Our Dungeon Monitors are experienced, Dominants/Tops or submissive/bottoms. Please do not hesitate to approach them if you have any questions or need assistance with any of the above problems. DMs, at all times, have the right to end a scene, or to ask someone to leave the dungeon or modify safety techniques.

General Rules

All attendees must sign a waiver annually (calendar year).

DMs have the final word on everything, including the right to stop an unsafe or abusive scene.

Prostitution, solicitation, or negotiation of compensation for sexual services are illegal and will not be tolerated at any Midwest Alternatives events.

Cell phones and other electronic devices are allowed. The recording of any pictures, video, or audio is strictly forbidden. This is a zero-tolerance policy; violation of this rule will result in an immediate dismissal from the event and a lifetime banfrom all future events. If you suspect someone has violated this rule, please notify the trustees immediately.

Midwest Alternatives and its staff, the management and staff of the venue, any officers, directors, employees, agents, successors or assigns of any of the foregoing shall be not be liable to any attendee for injury to person or property incurred as a result of attendance at this event.

By your entry into any of the events areas, you acknowledge that you have read these rules, understand them, and will agree to abide by them and that you assume all risks incident to your attendance.

Please use common sense and courtesy in conducting yourself in all public areas of the location. Outside of any MWA private area, street legal attire conforming to state and local laws is REQUIRED; to wit; genitalia and breasts must be covered and at least a one inch covering between butt cheeks. NO PLAY is to be conducted in a public area. I.E. if the bathrooms are down the hall from the room you must be dressed in acceptable street clothes before leaving the MWA play space/meeting room.

Safety and Health Issues


Toys and Dungeon Furniture

The Dungeon Rules may be updated from time to time. The current version of the document will be available on the website and printed out at the events. You are responsible to keep informed of any changes to this document and are expected to comply with all rules.

Version 3.0 – 12 Jan 2019 – MWA Trustees

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