Pain On The Plains XIV

Welcome to Pain On the Plains 14! We have an exciting year of fun planned for our annual day long event. Whether this is your first PotP or your 14th, this will be a year to remember.

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Every year, we search high and low to find presenters to help us make Pain on the Plains a memorable event. This year, we have Miss Chris and Phoenix Red coming to share a taste of the evil and fun they know!

Phoenix Red

Phoenix Red is coming to see us from Missouri. She has presented workshops and demonstrations for several groups at a number of events over the past decade, including AHS (Kansas City), Midwest Alternatives (Lincoln, NE), and KCLU. For 3 years, she ran two online discussion groups every week. She has a passion for teaching and one of her philosophies is that every person in our community should have access to opportunities to learn and grow and improve their skills in their chosen endeavors, especially the new folks.


BDSM on the Ball
They can be fun, they can be challenging, they can be therapeutic. I’m talking about therapy balls! As some of us age or acquire injuries, sometimes activities we used to do easily aren’t as easy to do any more. In this presentation, we will demonstrate a number of ways that therapy balls and other equipment traditionally used in yoga and Pilates can be used to help folks with back and joint issues restructure how they play so that they can be more comfortable in their activities. We will also go into some discussion about how this equipment can be used by folks with physical disabilities.

Mummification is the process in which a bottom is securely wrapped up such to allow little or no movement. Most often you see mummification done with things like plastic wrap. We’re going to be a little more colorful and use inexpensive items that can be picked up in any hardware store: “caution” tape, “danger” tape and flag tape. We will also have an audience participation segment in which the bottom is mummified a second time, serving as a “human Maypole”. Safety concerns such as dehydration, overheating and circulation constriction will also be discussed during the demo.

Miss Chris

Miss Chris is new to MWA, but not to our area. She is a skilled and professional disciplinarian. Miss Chris will be presenting Age Play 101: Littles & Middles to Grandmas & Grandpas and Canin’ Abel: Biblical in Proportions (Classes are pending coordination with Miss Chris and may change).


Age Play (with Discipline and Punishment)
While you wouldn’t think a 30 year old “girl” coloring in a child’s coloring book while dressed as an eight year old to be particularly provocative, it’s amazing the different misconceptions that people even right here in the BDSM community have about Age Play. We have also asked Miss Chris to cover aspects of disciplining a little to help ensure we can guide, help establish boundaries, nurture, protect and enforce the rules. 

As an avid caner and canee, Cap (Miss Chris) will show you that a simple cane is one of your most versatile BDSM implements, and a must have for anyone’s toy bag. Did you know you can use a cane to create a full body rhythmic staccato that lulls someone deep into subspace? Of course, we’re all more familiar with the repudiated knife-like sensation as a full stroke burns into ones backside, but did you also know you can use canes to stimulate a clit, torture a breast, and spank an asshole? Clearly, that kind of versatility is “biblical in proportions”! We have also asked that she cover Judicial Caning from her Corporal Funishment class.

General Information

Date and Time
Friday, August 9th from 7:00pm – 11:00pm
Saturday, August 10th from 8:30am – midnight

Registration and Hotel Information
Once you have registered, you will be sent a confirmation email with directions and venue information. If you need the information before that, please email

We have made arrangements for a block of rooms at the host hotel, at a discounted rate of $92/night. If you are interested in the discount, mention that you are with Midwest Alternatives during booking. There are also other hotels in walking distance from the venue.