Pain On The Plains XV

Welcome to Pain On the Plains 15! We have an exciting year of fun planned for our annual day long event. Whether this is your first PotP or your 15th, we strive to make this a year to remember.

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Every year, we search high and low to find presenters to help us make Pain on the Plains a memorable event. This year, we have Lady A and Duke of Pudding coming to share a taste of the evil and fun they know!

Lady A – The Kinky Empress

She has been in the lifestyle for over 20 years, actively exploring the nuances of kink from Southeast Asia to Latin America, and many locales in-between. Growing up overseas meant she started her journey in the lifestyle with an international bent, and has led to a multicultural attitude towards BDSM, kink, and relational dynamics.

Affectionately dubbed “The Kinky Empress” by her Houston community, She identifies as a Sadistic Dominant, covered Leather Master, and Pansexual Polyamorous cis Female. Today, she is a member of the Houston Scene, involved in a diverse array of projects, groups, and community activities, including NLA, HPEP, LeatherSIG, Houston Pony Play, Houston Mentor’s Alliance, Houston GLBTQ Caucus and many others. She has served on a variety of Boards and in a variety of leadership positions for the past 10 years, often focusing on education and outreach. She is best known for her presentations, demonstrations, and discussions on various EdgePlay topics.

She believes in the power of education and growth, and becoming the best version of ourselves. To that end, she teaches Leadership and Communication classes, and is also working on completing her second Masters’ degree. She is an avid reader, gamer, cosplayer, published author, mother, political activist, and volunteer and foster for numerous animal rescues. She shares her life with a loving husband & family, assorted 2 and 4 legged children, and extended Leather Family. They currently call Houston, TX home.


Breath Play

As you lay beneath me, your eyes glistening with need, my hands find their way up your chest, exploring your body. A soft moan escapes your lips, as my fingers find their way to your neck. Curling lightly around your throat, your eyes widen as your breathing becomes labored… I lean down and lock you in a tight kiss, holding you in suspense as my hands grip tighter. I feel your pulse quicken as your body fights for air. My lips continue to steal your breath from your mouth, and you start to struggle, your eyes fluttering with effort. Just before darkness sets in a sudden release of my fingers from your neck allows the air to rush past your lips as you exhale the scream of an orgasm that rocks your body.

And that’s just a small look into why I LOVE breathplay and what it does for me. But its not for everyone. Indeed breath play can add a level of excitement and thrill to a scene. The body’s natural response to oxygen deprivation can intensify orgasm, and drive sexual pleasure to new levels. But there are safety concerns that must be addressed. This demonstration and instructional session is designed for beginners to intermediate level players, and will show the various methods of breath play that can be employed, along with addressing some potential medical and health concerns, safety considerations and correct application on both male and female physique.

More Than Sting and Bite: Sensual Play with Single Tails

Single tails are often seen as an object of affection or terror. For the tops and bottoms alike, the crack of the whip is a singular sound – and everyone in the dungeon turns to look. Those who play with whips and single tails certainly delight in the fear or excitement such a sound brings. But is there more to whips than whipping it out? Can single tails be sensual? This class is for those who are interested in getting more from their single-tails than a single type of use. Topics covered include deliberate wrapping, using single tails softly, and in more “delicate” areas, ways to work through a fear of single tails for those who can’t stand the “crack”, and ways to use single tails without leaving heavy marks. Whips can be scary, but they can also be erotic and joyous. This class is a hands-on practical workshop. Attendees should come prepared to either bottom for the experience or have some experience with using whips as a top.

The Duke of Pudding

The Duke of Pudding has a penchant for silliness while maintaining respect for his personal history, Leather heart, and the kink community. Duke can be characterized by his affable personality and appreciation for the absurd. An advocate of creative play, he enjoys facilitating workshops to help people play safely with their chosen toys, with a particular emphasis on piercing, electricity, and fire. Duke is a proud member of the House of AndOr and the co-producer for Ritual Steel. When not elbow deep in the ass of a community event he’s volunteering for, he can often be found driving a hovercraft, traveling with Gogo in their camper van, or relaxing at their temporary home base in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Impact Play for Your Brain: Mindfucks

Playing with floggers, paddles, and other devices can be enjoyable, but after the bruises are healed the effects of the session can also fade. However, when you have stimulated and played with someone's mind, the impact can last long after the scene is over. Additionally, tapping into someone's fear can provide a visceral response like nothing else, and often can be done without even opening your toy bag. In this workshop, Duke will work with you to explore the edgier aspects of playing with the mind!

The Big Prick – Flesh Hooks

Considered by some to be the ultimate level of play piercing. Considered by others as a gateway to another plane of consciousness. Whichever viewpoint YOU choose to consider them from, they're guaranteed to provide a unique experience. Join Duke in a brief discussion about the history and intent behind flesh hooks in play and spirituality, followed by a demonstration of the technical aspects of the piercing itself. This workshop is designed to demystify some of the physical unknowns you might have, so that you can choose when and where to be pierced and experience the psychological unknowns for yourself.

General Information

Date and Time

Friday, August 21st from 7:00pm – 11:00pm
Saturday, August 22nd from 8:30am – midnight

Registration and Hotel Information

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